03 July 2012

Have Dinner and Milk Tea at Figaro

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Sometimes, at the end of a stressful and hectic day, you would want to have dinner at a cozy and quiet place - away from crowded restaurants where you feel hurried. But going in cafes can limit your choices to salads, sandwiches and pastries. Sometimes you are are in the mood for something more filling but will not  drain your wallet.

Good thing Figaro has come up with its newest Dinner Meal offering, crafted by Corporate Chef Mark Infante.

Choose from four sumptuous rice dishes complete with protein and vegetables that will satisfy anyone's craving.

Vegetarians and the "health-conscious" can opt for the sweet-savoury Tofu Steak Rice which tastes like Pinoy bistek.

The Chicken Rice Bake is a cheesy and creamy blend of chicken chunks tossed in flavorful rice. Flavors bursting in every bite!

The Crusted Dory Fillet in Creamy Pesto is a blend of different textures, temperatures and flavors. The fish is succulent with a nice crispy breadcrumb coating. The pesto is bold without being too overpowering, almost like a mayonnaise blend (instead of a pure oil-based Italian pesto). The cold cucumber and mango salsa is a refreshing palate cleanser. The sweet-tangy blend rounds up the salty notes of the dish.
Fish got a bit brown that what I expected and the rice pilaf is also a tad salty by itself. So eat all the components together to get the balance of flavors.

The Pan Seared Chicken Barbecue with Java Rice is their best seller. The skinless chicken breast fillet remains to be moist and tender. The java rice is appetizingly flavorful and not too oily, as some would be. The sauce is not the heavy and smokey american BBQ sauce but a sweeter and milder sauce with a kick of heat at the end. The green beans are also cooked well to remain tender but crisp.

 The chef said that the sauce is inspired by Hawaiian BBQ with fruity-tropical notes which Pinoys are more receptive too.

All meals come with a 12oz Lemonade which was also quite a good surprise, specially if you like your lemonade tart, to the point where you pucker up with every sip! Nice!

And yes, you read it right! You can get the second Dinner Meal at 50% off - lemonade and all! Perfect for sharing with friends, family and your special someone. Now that's what I call a good deal.

Fancy Frozen Teas? They also recently launched 7 new flavor combinations which you may want to try out. Just make sure to ask the barista about the toppings that go inside your particular drink - pearls, jelly, pudding, and popping bobba (the red pearls which burst into a flavored syrup).

If you love the Korean Melon ice cream, the Honeydew frost is the one for you!

I love tea! Frosted Winetermelon tea is a good spin to the traditional iced drink. No big chunks of ice!!! 

Was also asked to try out the strawberry cheesecake. Not a big fan of gelatin cheesecakes in general (just my preference). The cookie crust has cashews which was a nice touch from traditional graham.

The cheesecake is laced with strawberry syrup. The cream base is somewhat sweet for my taste and the strawberry flavor has a candy profile, and not as fruity as I want it.

Figaro Dinner Meals are available from 6:00 PM onwards. Check out their Facebook Page for a list of their branches and updates on deals and new menu items.

Let me know what you want on the Figaro menu next! :) 

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